Book Review Submission Guidelines

Book Review Editorial Policy

The Criminal Justice Policy Review has a diversified audience of academicians, researchers, and practitioners from a wide variety of fields in criminal justice. As such, a wide variety of books are received and selected for review. In addition to books explicitly concerned with criminal justice policy, books are also selected that deal with a number of different criminological issues that have policy implications for our readers.

Book Review Submission

Persons interested in writing book reviews for the Criminal Justice Policy Review should contact:

Dennis Giever, Ph.D.
Book Review Editor
Criminal Justice Policy Review
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Wilson Hall, Room 200
Indiana, PA 15705-1002

Those wishing to submit a review for a book that deals with a criminal justice policy concern or which might have policy implications to our readers, should send a typewritten, double-spaced review to the above address. A cover letter accompanying this review must state the review has not been submitted elsewhere.

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